TEOTRONICO VS. PROSSEDA – “Robot pianist Vs. Human pianist”. An innovative format to explain the true meaning of classical music to everyone, in any part of the world. It focuses on the importance of creativity and emotions, in opposition to the exactness of the robot’s executions. Music can give a deeper meaning to our existence. Learning how to listen is certainly one of the most important steps for growth. Today our lives are increasingly invaded by technology, and it is important not to lose our identity and the awareness of our emotions.

The new multimedia show “TeoTronico Vs. Prosseda” was presented for the first time on May 31 2018 at the Beijing Concert Hall. It includes a new repertoire of piano pieces by Beethoven (“Moonlight Sonata”, Bagatelle op. 126), Mendelssohn( Lieder Ohne Worte, Rondo Capriccioso), Chopin (Nocturnes, Etudes), Liszt (Liebestraüm No. 3), Rachmaninoff (Italian Polka) and some pieces for two pianos. The show is a full multimedia project, featuring several background videos, including live cameras on the 53 fingers of TeoTronico and on its new face, able to change expressions according to the mood of the music performed. A completely new graphic project has been conceived and realized for this show by Italian graphic designer Gaia Folli at Up & Down Production Studio.

The new script, written by Roberto Prosseda and Matteo Suzzi, is structured like a match in several rounds. The two pianists (the human and the robot) will challenge each other, playing the same pieces, sitting at their own piano.

The rounds will be focused on specific matters: speed, dynamics, agogics, articulation, rhythmic energy, emotional expression. The audience will vote after each round, choosing the winner.



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